Tips for Parents- Grade K

  1. Count with them as much as possible.
  2. Practice counting starting at different numbers. For example ask your child what number comes after seven and then begin counting from there. This will help them with addition and subtraction.
  3. Play games that encourage breaking apart numbers in different ways. Also, point out how a group of objects can also be broken down into smaller groups. For example, you could see that a group of five plates contains four big plates and one little plate.
  4. For teen numbers, you may even count in the unit-form way that emphasizes the ten (e.g. eight, nine, ten, ten-and-one, ten-and-two, ten-and-three, ...) as well as with standard names. This will help build understanding of place value, which is the key to knowing how numbers work
  5. Filling empty containers provides opportunities to explore comparisons, measurement, volume, estimation, and geometry.
    You will need: A measuring cup, 4 glasses of equal size, and water
    What to do:
    1. Pour water at different levels ( 1/3 cup, 1/2 cup, 3/4 cup and 1 cup) in each glass. Put the glasses next to each other. Ask your child: Are all the water levels the same or different?
    2. Ask your child questions to encourage comparison, estimation, and thinking about measurement. Which glass has more water? Which has less? How many glasses of water do you estimate it will take to fill the container?
    3. Pour more water into one of the glasses to make it equal to the amount of water in another glass. Move the glasses around so that the glasses that have the same amount of water are not next to each other. Ask your child: Which glasses do you think have the same amount of water?
    4. As your child begins to understand more, do activities using different-shaped containers that hold the same amount of a substance (water, rice, and popcorn kernels). This helps your child see comparisons, as well as the various capacities of different-sized and -shaped containers.
    Fill It Up
    Fill It Up

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